Graphics & Multi-Media Workshop

Learn how to use graphic and multi-media software to create and work with clip art, create simple slideshows, create shapes, use freehand drawing tools and much more! In this course you will learn:

  • Uses freehand drawing tools – pencil, straight and curved lines.
  • Uses shape tools/objects.
  • Uses paintbrush, paintbox/fill with color, spray can/airbrush, eraser.
  • Uses text tool.
  • Deletes selected objects.
  • Crops selected objects.
  • Copies/duplicates graphic elements.
  • Uses line properties – thickness/color.
  • Uses fill pattern/color’s/shading.
  • Flips, rotates objects.
  • Inserts graphics from various sources eg. clip art, digital image.
  • Changes the size of displayed clip art/graphics.
  • Moves clip art/graphics within a document.
  • Creates a simple slide show with text, images.
  • Inserts slides.
  • Chooses appropriate slide design and layout.
  • Adds sounds.
  • Creates a master slide template.
  • Understands that a presentation is clear, concise and logical.
  • Understands navigation buttons/hyperlinks.
  • Recognizes elements of a multi-media presentation.

Workshops are held in 2 sessions, 1 hour each session spread out over a 2 week period.

Cost: $20 per session.