Spreadsheets Workshop

For anyone interested in using spread sheets to analyze data and plot trends. In this course, you will learn how to format worksheets, create graphs and charts, sort information and more! In this course you will learn:

  • Understands the purpose/structure of a spreadsheet
  • Interprets data from an existing spreadsheet
  • Understands terminology – column, row, cell, cell range
  • Understands cell addressing
  • Understands active cell
  • Enters data (labels, values) in a cell
  • Formats data in a cell eg. bold, alignment
  • Generates appropriate graphs eg. bar, column, line
  • Changes column width and row height
  • Adds/deletes row/columns
  • Uses sum formula and undertakes basic calculations
  • Formats data to currency, time, number, percentage
  • Sorts data
  • Understands strengths and weaknesses of a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets Workshops are held in 2 sessions, 1 hour each session spread out over a 2 week period.

Cost: $20 per session.